How Mentoring Can Help My Company

How Mentoring Can Help

Typically, mentoring is a three-way beneficial process. It helps not only the mentee and the mentor, but the organization as well. Although the main goal is to advance the career of the mentee, this is not the sole benefit of this kind of relationship. Similarly, the workplace can obtain success through the increased productivity, well socialized staff, lower employee turnover rate, and of course a more solid management team.

  • Training can lead to increases managerial productivity by 24%, while the combination of coaching and mentoring can increase productivity by a huge 84% (Source: American Society for Training and Development).
  • A survey of CEOs from Fortune 500 companies revealed that mentoring is one of the major reasons for the significant career growth in their respective companies.

In a study of training, it was found that those employees who receive mentoring are more knowledgeable about the unwritten rules of the company compared to those who didn’t undergo any mentoring program. (Source: Wilson and Elman)


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