Program Details

Program Details

The ProMentoring Program is a customized, intensive, participatory learning experience between your top tier management leaders and your mid-managers and mid-level professionals.   Its two-pronged approach aims at educating and training  awareness of the importance of leadership in both the organization and its employees. It does this by:

  • Facilitating the passing on of essential leadership traits to your next generation, which ensures the future success of the organization
  • Exploring the competencies needed to develop both the management level mentor and mentee to implement leadership development.


Our leadership program uses the mentoring approach to help organizations harness and leverage their existing knowledge base and experience to:
•  Build and develop a new generation of management leaders in ongoing succession training
•  Ease the transitioning processes for outgoing and incoming CEOs
•  Minimize and forestall generational conflicts between Generations
•  Increase productivity and employee retention
•  Grow and develop market share.

Here’s the Direction We’ll Take You

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Module 1:  Mentoring
Rationale & History
Module 2:  Mentoring Training and
  • Origin of mentoring
  • Evolution of mentoring
  • Myths of mentoring
  • Famous mentor parings
  • Why mentoring matters to organizations
  • Why develop a mentoring program
  • Why mentoring matters to mentors
  • Why it matters to mentees
  • Which employee teams/group might benefit from being part of a formal mentoring program?
  • Mentors/Mentees stories


  • Purpose of mentoring in your organization
  • Benefits for the mentor
  • Benefits for the mentee
  • What should I look for in a mentee
  • Key to a successful mentor/mentee match
  • Mentor/Mentee Agreement
  • First meeting
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Every Mentor Program is tailored to meet the company’s unique mentoring requirements. Let’s talk about how a formal mentoring plan will work for your company..


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