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Here they are – your future leaders.  Teach them well.

Quote CutOnly when we are no longer afraid, do we begin to live.”  

Dorothy Thompson,  “What courageous act will you take on Today?  This Week?”



Searching for Future Leaders in your Organization?
Are you searching for future leaders in your organization? Before advertising a new position, look within the office walls first. With attention to mentoring and leadership development, any organization will benefit from leaders that have the knowledge required and the best interests of . . .    [Read More]


Mentoring in the Workplace Plays a Vital Role in Corporate Training
You’ve been hired with a new company. Your trainer is moving up, moving on, or moving out of the business. If you are lucky, the person being replaced will be around for at least a couple of weeks to train in the various duties of the position. Sometimes, the person has already left or has only a couple of days to show you the ropes. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible . . . [Read More]


How to make your training programs more effective with mentoring?
Mentoring programs in the workplace are aimed at developing younger employees by pairing them with senior staff members who are more experienced and knowledgeable about the business. Mentoring as an employee-development strategy has evolved significantly, and now includes reverse, group, and situational mentoring . . . [Read More]

Blog Talk RadioDavid M Dye


Seven Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say

Listen to author, David M. Dye speak about his award-winning book, The Seven Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say.  You will gain simple, straightforward tools and activities to maximize your credibility and influence.  How much is it worth for you to have a team that . . .  [Listen to full podcast]

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Unleashing Team Potential

No matter what level you’re at, if you’re looking to surpass your targets, create a highly motivated team, and set yourself up for promotion, this podcast is . . .  [Listen to full podcast]


GEN X and Y

The Battle for Talent is Heating Up, Are You Ready?
This is an interesting time in the history of business – workplace dynamics are in the midst of a huge shift. Baby Boomers in their 60’s are running into the challenges of managing the very different needs of those in the Y generation. In fact, so much focus has been placed on these two sizeable generations colliding in the marketplace, that the generation in between them, Generation X, has been largely forgotten.   [Read more]